Joan Bontje

Joan Bontje

Surrounded by paintings at my home, “Studio 7” I am constantly reminded of my reasons for painting, my life as an artist, and the inspiration that keeps me applying brush to paper. The ever flowing thoughts and the expression of feelings, gives rise to new creations. Through the ideas in my mind, which I endeavor to put into words, my writing takes progressive form and colour: from thoughts words… images in my mind, to paint colours fluidly expressing themselves onto the watercolour paper.

I enjoy walking along the lakeshore near my home studio, seeing the beauty of the endless blue sky touching the waters of Lake Ontario. Tall trees wave and seem to speak to me as I walk in solitude, returning to paint afresh.

The world of imagination, people, music and the world

Around me are inspirations for my work. I am happy that many people have appreciated my work and have purchased from me many times over the years. I have been fortunate to have had my work included in many art shows which can be viewed on my web site,

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